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Educator Resources

The Illinois Soybean Association spoke with a few professionals working in the agriculture industry to learn more about the diverse array of careers available. From scientists to data analysts and engineers, there are numerous exciting possibilities to consider. Our resources, such as our coloring book and Pod to Plate Storybook, are free to download.

Coloring Book: A Soybean Story

A coloring book created to assist in educating and promoting soybean farming to our youngest generations.

Pod to Plate Storybook and Video

Pod to Plate Book: From growing seasons and transportation to soybean meal and soy-based foods, explore the lifecycle of soybeans.

Pod to Plate Video: Whether it’s food, fuel or furniture, soybeans can be found anywhere you look. Follow along as soybean seeds evolve from pod to plate. Learn about the equipment, technology and science that goes into growing such a versatile crop.

Behind the Bean

The Illinois Soybean Association (ISA) has partnered with Blake Noland and Birddog Workforce Scouting to share career opportunities in agriculture with students in high school, trade school, and community college programs. “Behind the Bean” is a series of videos featuring a diverse group of participants, including individuals from non-ag backgrounds, that will be performing ag-related jobs with little to no experience or training in order to provide an authentic expectation of the role. Watch the series below, or download resources to share with students.

Soy All Around Me Activity Book

Kids from kindergarten through sixth grade can learn all about the many products made with soy in this fun booklet filled with word games and recipes.

Other Great Resources

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Additional educational resources for teaching students about agriculture.

IL Farm Families2022-12-12T23:24:29+00:00

A place to hear a variety of voices – from farm families to food and health experts – about what’s on your table.

ISA Lesson Plans2024-05-08T19:15:43+00:00

Download our engaging learning plans to enrich your classroom with the fascinating world of soybeans and agriculture.

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