Versatile. Healthy. Clean. Courtesy of Illinois.

The recipe for efficient and profitable food production calls for ingredients that deliver the utmost in quality and flavor – and at a competitive price. Tall order. But there’s one product that can do it all.


Our source? None other than soybeans proudly and sustainably grown in Illinois, by farmers who lead the nation in producing high-quality, nutrient-dense soybeans with proven heart health benefits.


Our oil is made with the highest standards, starting at the farms where the soybeans themselves are grown. Our farmers use the latest technologies and practices to produce high-quality beans, and cleaner, safer soybean oil.


Your flavor is our flavor. Soy oil is a culinary chameleon that blends seamlessly into any recipe, and it packs rich nutritional benefits without overpowering the taste of your star ingredients.

Deliver Serious value to your business?

Yes Soy Can.

With proven quality, heart health benefits and the ability to adapt seamlessly to any recipe, Illinois-produced soy oil brings serious value to your business. Meet your next MVP.