Market Development


From making sure Illinois soybeans have reliable routes to markets, to connecting with trade teams from nearly every contintent (not much opportunity in Antarctica…yet), to partnering with animal ag groups, and finding new ways to use our favorite crop, ISA’s Market Development Committee is committed to securing and growing the value of soybeans at home and around the world.


  1. Increase Illinois soybean bushels exported to existing and new markets by 15% annually.
  2. Establish 300 annual touchpoints with existing domestic and international buyers.
  3. Establish 25 annual touchpoints with new domestic and international buyers.

Opportunities to Visit Farms

As the leading soybean producing state in the U.S., Illinois has unlimited opportunities to showcase our high-quality, high-yielding, sustainably-grown soybeans and the farmers who grow them. We invite trade teams and those involved in soybeans around the world to connect with us for a visit. ISA’s Market Development team has proudly hosted more than 14 trade teams totaling more than 200 representatives from around the world in the last year on Illinois farms and value the connections we make through these engaging visits.

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