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World Tour

Illinois soybeans travel from the fields of our 43,000+ farmers to destinations and uses all over the world. And we love to tell the story of how they get there.
The Illinois Soybean Association is at work every day for Illinois farmers and international buyers, aiming to support Illinois soybean farmers as they grow and sell the best soybeans possible.

Positive impacts for farmers


These resources look at the trade and export of Illinois soybeans from different angles. Each resource tells a different story, but the main theme is the same: the Illinois Soybean Association and Illinois soybean farmers care deeply about getting soy to the world in sustainable, reliable, consistent, and efficient methods.

Illinois Soy: The World Tour2022-12-09T01:39:20+00:00

Start here with a special introduction to this series of resources we share with our global partners.

Efficient Transportation2022-12-09T01:40:49+00:00

Illinois’ robust transportation system allows for an extremely efficient method of shipping soy from farm to market, allowing for limited handling, quality preservation and short shipping windows for buyers.

Consistent Quality2022-12-09T01:45:20+00:00

With Illinoisgrown soybeans, buyers can rest assured they’re receiving a consistently highquality product, delivered via the best methods.

Sustainably Produced2022-12-09T01:42:38+00:00

Illinois farmers are able to reduce environmental impact while increasing overall productivity through the power of modern sustainability practices.

Reliable Supply2022-12-09T01:43:39+00:00

Illinois is inherently equipped to evolve with and meet the demands of today’s international marketplace and our history proves it.

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