Apply to have Your Product Sustainably Certified by the Illinois Soybean Association

The Illinois Soybean Association’s “It’s Sustainably Soy” Certification has been launched to recognize organizations, companies, and executives for switching to sustainable soy-based solutions in their product(s).

Using the Illinois Soybean Association’s “It’s Sustainably Soy” Online Certification Portal takes less than five minutes to get your organization’s product(s) Certified.

After your submission is evaluated and certified, you will receive an “It’s Sustainably Soy Certification Toolkit” to help you spread the word within your organization, digitally in your market, and on your social media channels.

Get your product certified

Why Get “It’s Sustainably Soy” Certified

Stakeholders, constituents, and customers want to do business with organizations that align with their environmental values. Getting your product certified by the non-profit, third-party Illinois Soybean Association provides you with a resource you can list in your annual report and publish as part of your ongoing sustainability initiatives.

As society continues to transition away from carbon-intense chemicals and compounds, by utilizing soy-based inputs in your product(s), you’re helping make a change that is good for the economy, environment, and family farmers in Illinois.