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Market Development

New Uses

The Illinois Soybean Association are conducting a pilot program to promote new uses for soy in a way that positions and promotes soy-based products as an alternative to legacy or existing products. Creating interest in these products is good for the industry, continues to position soybean farmers and their products as part of the “green solution,” and builds market demand in future years. In its first year of funding, ISA plans to develop a digital-first ecosystem for people to learn more about new uses products and create compelling and easy-to-access materials about new uses that build credibility and interest in using soy-based alternative products.

Positive impacts for farmers


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Is U.S. soy right for you? Only if you’re looking for a versatile, affordable and environmentally friendly oil that’ll boost performance through the roof (by the way, soy is in roofing products, too). The United Soybean Board is already working with scientists, innovators and businesses to implement soy in their products. Are you ready to take yours to the next level?

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