Broadband Breakthrough

Closing the Access Gap for Illinois Farmers

Five Illinois counties paved the way for rural broadband access across the state with the launch of Project Broadband Breakthrough in January 2023. The Illinois Soybean Association (ISA) is piloting the program with the Benton Institute, the University of Illinois Extension, and the University of Illinois Extension Broadband Lab teams to collaborate with community team members in Schuyler, Edgar, Ogle, Hancock, and McLean Counties.

State of the art internet access is vital to growth and progress of agriculture throughout the state.

About The Project

Project Broadband Breakthrough aims to support rural communities that are advocating for expanded broadband. Learn more about the project and the benefits that broadband will bring to these communities across Illinois.

Looking to get broadband in your rural community?

For more information on Project Broadband Breakthrough, or to start a pilot project in your county, please contact ISA’s Director of Market Development Main at or

“Project Broadband Breakthrough is only possible with the support of our partners,” said Todd Main, ISA Director of Market Development. “With their dedication, we are going to be able to revitalize our rural communities and get them back on the map as broadband will allow for the development of more business, more jobs and access to educational resources and health care. Doors of opportunities will be flung open through this pilot project.”

Stay Tuned for the Latest Broadband News

Illinois Field & Bean Magazine: The Broadband Issue

Project Broadband Breakthrough is in full swing to close the access gap for Illinois farmers. ISA is celebrating in April with Broadband Awareness and takes a close look at this important topic for rural communities in this month’s issue of Illinois Field and Bean. 

Other Great Resources

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ISA partners with the Benton Institute for Broadband & Society on initiatives to expand broadband connectivity in rural Illinois communities. Read past issues and subscribe to a bi–weekly newsletter of broadband news and events specific to Illinois.

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The Accelerate Illinois program—a collaborative effort among the Illinois Office of Broadband, the Benton Institute for Broadband & Society, and University of Illinois Extension—offers Illinois local governments an intensive 14–week community engagement program with expert support provided by the Benton Institute.

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The Illinois Broadband Lab is a collaborative effort among the Illinois Office of Broadband, the University of Illinois, and the Benton Institute for Broadband & Society. The lab features broadband data and research, mapping, and analysis of the Connect Illinois capital investment and related programming.

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