Bridge Bundling is the idea of grouping a few or even several hundred bridge projects together under a single contract. Bridge Bundling projects may be cross jurisdictional in nature, as single or multiple bridges within a bundle may be in different jurisdictions, requiring dedicated planning and cooperation. The criteria used to bundle bridge projects can vary based on work type, including design, preservation, rehabilitation, or a complete bridge reconstruction. Bridges can also be bundled based on geography, such as bundling all bridge projects together in a certain jurisdiction. Bundles can vary in size, ranging anywhere from two to hundreds of bridges. The following graphic outlines the Bridge Bundling process:

Bridge bundling roadmap

There is no established formula for developing a Bridge Bundling program, however there are several case studies from other states that set a precedent and provide best practices. This roadmap is a general guide that summarizes the Bridge Bundling process established by other states.