Meet the people who grow your food

We're opening our doors to show consumers how their food is grown and answer questions about food and farming.

From cooking oils and food ingredients to the soybean meal fed to hogs, chickens and cattle, Illinois soybean farmers play a significant role in growing food for your table. Today’s consumers look for quality, great tasting foods. Moms especially want to know the food they’re feeding their families is safe and good for them.

Illinois Farm Families represent farmers from across the state with many different types of farms. More than 94 percent of Illinois farms are family owned and operated. Illinois Farm Families are committed to showing you how food is grown, answering questions about your food, and sharing what it’s like on today’s farms.

Do you have questions about GMOs and biotechnology? See how soybean farmers use GMOs for many benefits to consumers and the environment. 

How can you connect with family farmers?

While there are many places to find information about food and farming, Illinois Farm Families – the people who grow your food – are a great firsthand resource. We’re glad to show you how we grow food for all of our families.

Connect with Illinois Farm Families through the following:

  • -- Visit us online and get to know real farm families, find information from the farm, and see what farmers are doing to grow safe, healthy food.
  • Field Moms -- Meet Chicago-area moms (we call them Field Moms) who are touring Illinois farms to ask questions about hot food and farming topics, like chemicals, pesticides, GMOs, animal care, hormones and antibiotics. The Field Moms share what they learned with you on their blogs.   
  • Join the conversation -- Ask your questions and engage with Illinois Farm Families on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Subscribe to our e-newsletter for the latest news, recipes and opportunities to meet farmers at local events.

Our farmers support the Illinois Soybean Association, Illinois Farm Bureau, Illinois Pork Producers Association, Illinois Corn Marketing Board, Illinois Beef Association and Midwest Dairy Association.