BLOOMINGTON, Ill. – MAY 16, 2023 – The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently reported on farmers’ planting intentions for the 2023 growing season. While corn acres are expected to decrease by 1.1%, soybean acres are expected to increase 2.5% from last year with 89.6 million acres expected to be planted.

“With this increase in soybean acres being planted comes an expected increase in harvested acres this fall, and the 2023 growing season could be record setting for soybean producers nationwide,” said Ron Kindred, Vice-Chairman of the Illinois Soybean Association (ISA). “Soybeans are a hearty crop and can withstand drier conditions. So, when we have these unfavorable conditions throughout the Midwest, opting to plant more soybeans is a safe choice to ensure a farm remains profitable.”

According to a survey conducted by Farm Futures, many farmers are planning to plant more drought-resistant crops this spring due to depleted soil moisture levels and steep input costs, as this presents a substantial challenge for farmers this growing season.

“Talking with Illinois farmers this spring, they’re staying on track to keep their rotations in place with corn and soybean acres. It’ll be interesting to see how acres divide at the end of the planting season. To mitigate risk across the operation, it’s a proactive approach to include diversity,” said Abigail Peterson, ISA Director of Agronomy.

“Looking at practice changes to build resiliency to adverse weather like reduced tillage and cover crops can build better soil structure to withstand droughts or impacts from intense rainfall events,” continues Peterson. “To make sure nutrients are reaching their full potential, planting applications and in-season applications are in high-demand as they potentially steer farmers away from unnecessary loss.”

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The Illinois Soybean Association (ISA) checkoff and membership programs represent more than 43,000 soybean farmers in Illinois. The checkoff funds market development, soybean production and government relations efforts, while the membership program, Illinois Soybean Growers (ISG) and the Illinois Soybean Growers PAC actively advocates for positive and impactful legislation for farmers at local, state and national levels. ISA upholds the interests of Illinois soybean farmers through promotion, advocacy, research and education with the vision of becoming a trusted partner of Illinois soybean farmers to ensure their profitability now and for future generations.



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