In an effort to gauge farmer understanding and ultimately build relationships with international customers to impact farmer profitability, Illinois Soybean Association has just completed a trade & exports farmer survey.

Says Rick Rubenacker, ISA Market Development Chairman and Board Director, “More than sixty-percent of Illinois soybeans are exported. The state’s river system and availability of empty shipping containers gives Illinois a competitive advantage for exporting soy. This survey was created to get a better idea of our farmers’ current understanding of what we’re doing in the trade and esports space, so that we can do a better job of communicating our goals and objectives.”

The trade & exports survey gauged feedback from dozens of farmers who articulated overwhelming support for ISA’s efforts around market exploration. Survey results indicate that ninety-one percent of participants believe soybean exports impact profitability as a farmer, and ninety-three percent think continued investment by ISA in the soy export industry is important.

“I do feel exporting soybeans is a very important way to invest farmer checkoff money,” reports an anonymous participant. “It is crucial to remember that ISA can not do this alone. Illinois, other states and national organizations must work together to achieve trade goals and create profitability for the American farmer.” This project is a continuation of ISA programs that focus on serving international soybean customers and providing them with information to help in their buying decisions. Since Illinois relies heavily on export markets, this audience remains a priority.

Published On: November 11, 2020Categories: Bean There Blog

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