Agronomy Team Coordinator

Connie Copley is the Agronomy Team Coordinator for the Illinois Soybean Association (ISA). In her role, Copley manages the Director of Agronomy’s schedule, schedules meetings, and plans travel, as well as scheduling meetings for the Agronomy Teams internal and external contacts. Connie proactively addresses pressing departmental needs for the team and collaborates with the Agronomy team in organizing team activities in and out of the field. She assists with Utilization Project Management, as well as prepares for agronomic events and field days.

Connie has a B.S. Degree in Animal Science from Missouri State University and over 30 years of experience in Ag Business consisting of operations, administration, and supporting roles.

Currently Connie lives in LeRoy with her daughter and 2 sons. She loves to work outside, bake, and volunteer.