Illinois Soybean Association member Claire Weinzierl in a soybean field

Communications Manager

Claire Weinzierl is the Communications Manager for the Illinois Soybean Association (ISA). She joined the team in October 2020. In her role, Weinzierl manages the content needs of ILSoyAdvisor, serves as a staff writer for ISA’s publication, Illinois Field & Bean, handles any communications surrounding biodiesel, sustainability, or conservation, in addition to focusing primarily on farmer-facing efforts.

Hailing from Stanford, IL, Weinzierl earned her bachelor’s degree from Illinois State University in 2018 where she double majored in Journalism and Agriculture Communications & Leadership. She went on to earn her Master’s in Business Administration with a specialization in Business Analytics from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in 2020.

Weinzierl currently resides in Bloomington, IL where she enjoys binging true crime documentaries, listening to podcasts, baking, and spending time with her cat, Perkins. 

Focus Areas:
Corporate Partner
Farmer-Facing Communications
Biodiesel Communications
Illinois Field & Bean