Engagement Manager

Ashley Barry is the Government Relations Engagement Manager for the Illinois Soybean Association (ISA). Barry focuses her time increasing outreach opportunities that grow ISG membership programs, the ISGPAC brand and recruit members to develop a more robust Voice for Soy advocacy network to ensure Illinois farmer’s voices are being heard.

Barry is a communications professional with experience specializing in cannabis licensing and community engagement in Illinois’ political and government fields. In 2019, she began working in the cannabis industry, joining a team that worked on incredibly competitive applications for cannabis dispensary, craft grows, infuser, and transportation licenses.

Before entering the cannabis industry, Barry spent nearly 8 years working in Illinois’ political and government fields as a former Director of Operations of a statewide political organization. During this time, she was charged with directing all phases of creative and technical elements of communications and marketing initiatives across the state. As such, Barry managed vendor budgets, timelines, and content delivery and spearheaded communications – directing all mail and digital output, design approval, messaging, and content editing.

Focus Areas:
ISG Membership Programs
Member Recruitment