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Showcase Your Investments in Sustainable Soy-Based Products

When your organization invests in producing a soy-based product, you’re making an improvement for the benefit of future generations. It’s never been easier to be Sustainably Soy!

The Benefits of Soy

Switching to soy to develop products – and to use those products – isn’t just good for the environment; it’s good economics. Here’s why more organizations are making the switch to soy every day, driving up demand for soy-based products for companies to produce:

For You:

Environmental Stewardship2023-09-27T15:36:46+00:00

Soy- and bio-based products are rooted in sustainable farming practices. The crops are abundant, return each season, and do not require extractive techniques like petroleum- or mineral-based products.

Using soy-based and other bio-based inputs in your products helps support the agricultural economy in Illinois and nationwide.

Utilizing soy and other bio-based inputs reduces demand for petroleum-derived products and provides momentum for the switch to a more environmentally-friendly and sustainable construction and infrastructure economy.

Economic Stewardship2023-12-14T01:24:56+00:00

With parity in price and performance, organizations are switching to adding soy-based inputs in their products.

U.S. soybean farmers, researchers and industry partners are consistently pushing the limits of innovation to discover and deliver solutions to the biggest challenges the world faces, while also supporting the progress of the communities soy serves at home and abroad.

Today, a growing pipeline of products exists to help you make the switch to soy. Products include:

  • Surface Paving and Repair
  • Dust suppressants
  • Hydraulic Fluids
  • Lubricants, Oils & Greases
  • Paints, Stains, Sealers & More
  • Roofing Materials, Insulation
  • Carpets, Composite Panels, Furniture & More

New soy-based products are continuously coming to market.
Search the evolving products list:

For Illinois:

Agricultural Economy: Farms to Families2023-09-27T16:03:21+00:00

When you make the switch to soy- and bio-based products, you’re not just supporting the environment; you’re supporting the hardworking farmers and farming families across Illinois.

Rather than rely on petroleum-based or other chemical compounds of concern that are manufactured out-of-state or extracted overseas and have harmful health and environmental impacts, you can switch to soy and make a direct impact on Illinois’ economy.

Soybeans support nearly 23,000 jobs and provide almost $1.2 billion in wages for Illinois workers annually. When you switch to soy and get your product “It’s Sustainably Soy” Certified, you will be able to show your support for Illinois’ agricultural economy and hardworking soybean farmers.

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