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Farm Bill

Comprehensive Farm Bill

Maintaining a comprehensive farm bill, which includes funding for both farm-level programs and nutrition programs. IL Soybean growers recognize the importance of ensuring the strength of the entire food value chain.

IRA Funding

Ensuring that conservation funding from the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) remains within the farm bill to support the food value chain and rural America.

Crop Insurance

Protecting and preserving crop insurance as a primary risk management tool for growers, including maintaining the affordability of policies, the private sector delivery of products, and the availability of the program to all types of farmers.

MAP/FMD Funding 

Creating opportunities for global competitiveness and internal marketplace expansion through increasing Market Access Program (MAP) and Foreign Market Development (FMD) funding.

Research Funding

Increasing funding for applied agronomic research, extension, and outreach at institutions of higher learning. Specifically, targeting infrastructure improvements including research farms and outreach and extension facilities. As well as in-field, farmer-involved, multi-year research projects.


Who governs the funds administered by ISA?2022-12-15T15:40:44+00:00

The ISA Board of Directors consists of 24 volunteer farmers who govern the organization’s use of checkoff and non-checkoff funds. Eighteen District Directors, representing specific regional areas, and six At-Large Directors, representing the state as a whole, are elected on a state-wide basis.

What is the history of ISA?2022-12-20T13:34:03+00:00

Since the mid-1960s, ISA has served the needs of soybean farmers across Illinois. Today, we value our long history, knowing that we help improve profitability for all Illinois farmers. More information about the history of ISA is available here.

Does ISA align with national soybean organizations?2022-09-29T16:44:24+00:00

ISA works with three national soybean organizations to meet demand, develop new uses for soy products, expand export markets and develop national policy. All of our state-level efforts are coordinated and executed with these groups and their objectives in mind.

To learn more about ISA and its efforts, please read our press releases. We also encourage you to review these documents, videos and audio files.

Economic impact of Illinois soybeans administered by ISA.2022-12-12T23:19:27+00:00

Illinois is a leader in soybean production with a huge economic impact. Illinois soybeans provide a global food supply, feed for animals, sustainable biodiesel and more.

2023-2024 Strategic Plan2023-06-14T20:00:09+00:00

Want to know more about what drives ISA’s projects and initiatives. Read all about it in our Strategic Plan.

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