As of October 1, 1995 refunds from the National Checkoff were eliminated. However, in those States where the State program is authorized or required to pay refunds, the producer may direct that his or her total assessment be forwarded to the United Soybean Board by requesting a refund from the State program. The authority for this is found in the Order at Section 1220.228 Qualified State Soybean Boards paragraph (v) (A) that reads: If the entity is authorized or required to pay refunds to producers, and request from producers for refunds for contributions to it by the producer following the termination of authority to pay refunds, will be honored by forwarding to the Board that portion of such refunds equal to the amount of credit received by the producer for contributions to its pursuant to section 1220.223 (a)(3).

QSSB Producer Redirection of Checkoff Assessments Form: