In a bid to continue fostering international agricultural partnerships and enhance global trade relations, the Illinois Soybean Association (ISA) recently hosted three Asian trade teams on the farms of Illinois soybean farmers. The farm visits aimed to provide representatives from South Korea, Taiwan, China and Japan with firsthand insight into the soybean farming practices, innovations, and quality standards maintained by Illinois farmers.

The three groups of soy buyers had the opportunity to interact with local Illinois farmers, who generously shared their knowledge and experiences. Discussions revolved around sustainable farming practices, the use of advanced machinery and technology and the importance of exports to Illinois soybean farmers.

ISA District 3 Director, Dwayne Anderson, hosted a group of ten Japanese soy buyers on his farm in Henry County. “It was an honor and a privilege to host Japanese buyers on my family operation,” said Anderson. “The group was very impressed by the fact that our farm has been a no-till operation for over 30 years, which has allowed for my crops to rank in the top 5% of yields in the area.”

Hosting Asian trade teams opens opportunities to grow with some of Illinois soy’s most important customers, as China, South Korea and Japan are among the top five importers of U.S. soy.

Inviting foreign buyers to Illinois farms also allows ISA to showcase Illinois’ commitment to sustainable and high-quality soybean production. And as these relationships continue to grow, they have the potential to benefit farmers, consumers, and economies on both sides of the globe, emphasizing the importance of global collaboration in the agriculture industry.

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