For 60 years, we’ve looked beyond the rows to help you grow more opportunities from every acre.

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Better by Association

Funded by farmers and focused on the future, we invest in promotion, advocacy, research and education to create profit opportunities and drive preference for soy from Illinois.

We support
research that
drives productivity
for Illinois
soybean farmers.

We promote
biodiesel to
create opportunities
for profit and

We develop the
container shipping
market to keep
soy moving for
Illinois farmers.

For 60 years, ISA has been helping Illinois soybean producers be more knowledgeable and more profitable.

Celebration by Association.

Join us in commemorating 60 seasons of success for Illinois soybean farmers. Don’t wait! The first 200 people to register will receive an IL SOY hat with an embroidered anniversary patch.

Register today and receive a special edition hat!


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