2013 Grower Student Interest Form
Midwest soybean farmers have had access to Roundup Ready 1 (RR1) soybean trait technology since the mid-1990s. Monsanto patented the biotech trait with tolerance to glyphosate herbicides and incorporated the trait into soybean seed in the early 1990s. U.S. patents are only granted for a 20-year period, however, so Monsanto's RR1 trait patent is about to expire. Here's what you need to know about the change.
The Illinois Soybean Association (ISA) is excited to provide an opportunity to our corporate partners to network in the areas of soybean valuechain development, research and legislation. Partners will be able to connect with our ISA farmer members and Illinois soybean farmers. Corporatepartnership levels and additional partnership opportunities are listed below. Indicate the partnership level and opportunities your organization isinterested in participating in. Please note ֠these opportunities are limited and offered on a first come - first serve basis.

If you plan to pursue a career in crop sciences, consider partneringwith Illinois soybean farmers to explore soybean researchopportunities while you help fund your education. Learn more about the program, scholarship and eligibility requirements here.

This document serves as Exhibit A to the Notice of a Meeting of the Board of Directors of Illinois Soybean Program Operating Board.
Complete and submit this Agreement to Serve statement, along with the required Application form, to the ISA offices by March 20, 2012, to be considered for nomination to serve on the United Soybean Board.
Complete and submit this Application form, along with the Agreement to Serve statement, to the ISA offices by March 20, 2012, to be considered for nomination to serve on the United Soybean Board.
Persons that produce and market only products eligible to be labeled as 100 percent organic may request exemption from assessment under research and promotion programs. The information on this form is required to make a determination concerning a person's eligibility for exemption.
This brochure provides information about agro-terrorism, including indicators, signs and symptoms of illnesses, and how to report suspicious activities.