Whether you're a farmer, trucker, fuel distributor or general consumer, there is a rational case for getting wildly excited about biodiesel.

Biodiesel is a renewable, home-grown alternative to petroleum diesel. Made from readily available, renewable resources including soybean oil*, animal fats and other oilseed crops, biodiesel is America’s first Advanced Biofuel.

Biodiesel gives everyone in Illinois plenty to “Get Pumped Up” about. Biodiesel offers tremendous benefits—from reducing emissions, offering savings at the pump, creating jobs and protecting markets for soybean farmers. See all the benefits of biodiesel.

*Soybean oil: Raw soybeans are harvested and then processed to produce soybean meal (a protein-rich food source; about 40% of the raw soybean) and soybean oil (a co-product of soybeans that can be used as a replacement for traditional petroleum oil; about 20% of the raw soybean).


Powerful, reliable, renewable biodiesel

Watch this video to get pumped up on the advantages of biodiesel!

Blends of 11 Percent or More Receive Full Tax Exemption in Illinois

Since 2003, Illinois has offered a sales tax incentive for the use of biodiesel blends - helping expand the market for this cleaner burning, renewable fuel.

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