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  • Stories from the Field
    Biodiesel fuels Tow Trucks for Tots
    The Illinois Soybean Association (ISA) partnered with Tow Trucks for Tots to help bring toys to needy children, while educating tow truck drivers on the economic, performance and environmental benefits of biodiesel. As a sponsor of the event, ISA offered each driver a voucher to fuel up with a biodiesel blend of up to 20 percent – contributing to cleaner air as well as smiles on children’s faces.
  • Stories from the Field
    ISA secures $713K for Illinois container project
    A big win for Illinois soybean farmers, an 18-month Illinois Container on Barge Shuttle Project will provide shuttle service for customers moving containerized exports like soybeans between southern and northern Illinois, giving access to the Union Pacific and BNSF rail ramps in Joliet. The grant was underwritten through support of ISA with checkoff funded research and execution in writing the proposal.
  • Stories from the Field
    ISA explores Taiwan trade opportunities for Illinois soybeans
    Earlier this year ISA visited Taiwan - the sixth-largest market for U.S. soybean exports - to learn more about trade opportunities in this country. Visiting soy-based food and oil processors and manufacturers, the trade team saw and heard firsthand that demand for containerized genetically engineered (GE) soybeans continues to give Illinois an advantage over competitors.
  • Stories from the Field
    Pioneering Soy-Based Tuna Feed
    The ISA checkoff program funded breakthrough tuna feed research that shows promise for raising tuna sustainably. High global demand increases tuna value. But wild stocks are overfished, and tuna aquaculture faces feeding challenges. The video Feeding Bluefin: The Search for Sustainable Tuna Feed summarizes the research on soy protein in tuna diets.

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Illinois is the no. 1 producer of soybeans, harvesting nearly 593 million bushels each year.