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The City of Warrenville Public Works staff is dedicated to delivering quality, professional services to improve the community, and this includes exploring alternative fuel options to enhance fleet performance, while also being fiscally responsible with City resources, and mindful of the environment. In 2018, Warrenville and the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County (FPDDC) entered into an intergovernmental agreement to allow the City to utilize the FPDDC’s fueling facility. 15 vehicles consume biodiesel. The Public Works fleet covers a modest amount of miles with work relating more to a site and the city being only 5.5 square miles in size, and as a result, vehicles can have a longer life span in comparison to peers in the industry.

“One value of the City of Warrenville is to preserve and promote a clean, healthy, sustainable environment, and natural open spaces. The city explores a variety of ways to do this, which has included ways to improve fleet performance while lowering emissions. In 2014, a fleet vehicle was retrofitted from unleaded gasoline to compressed natural gas (CNG). In 2018, the City received an American Lung Association grant to install diesel particulate filters (DPFs), an emission control technology, on three trucks in the Public Works Fleet, which removes between 80 to 90% of diesel emissions on these vehicles. In the same year, the City also began using B20 fuel.” – Kristin Youngmeyer, Management Analyst

Kristin Youngmeyer, Management Analyst

City of Warrenville
3S346 Mignin Dr,
Warrenville, IL 60555

City of Warrenville logo on truck
City of Warrenville logo on truck