2017-18 Annual Report

Fresh, Bold Approach to Profitability

LynnThe Illinois Soybean Association (ISA) has always worked to advance the state’s industry with producer profitability top of mind. From early research that led to better yields, to development of innovative new uses like biodiesel, to meeting expanding global food and feed demand, ISA efforts are targeted at making Illinois soybean producers the most knowledgeable and profitable. During the last year, the ISA board of directors shifted course on its strategic direction. Profitability is still the priority. But how we approach that has changed as the world around us changes. We are embracing bold ideas to set Illinois soybean producers apart. We are seeking partners that want to engage in creating the technology we need to provide for the future. And we are connecting with the innovators who can help us move the needle for Illinois producers. Innovation and technology are both critical to helping us solve today’s problems as we anticipate tomorrow’s challenges. We are questioning the status quo and finding new opportunities for local communities and global consumers to have a better living, inspired by soy. ISA also is championing improved infrastructure, dependable transportation and sustainable fuel to reliably get soybeans where they need to go. We are exploring water issues. As stewards, it is our responsibility to safeguard the limited fresh water supply for all people. We are supporting animal agriculture to power rural economies and provide high-quality protein to nourish others. Soy provides food for people, feed for animals, fuel and more. ISA has long been a force of influence. Now, ISA is ready to grow and ready to lead, for life, for the future and for the world.

Take Change By the Hand 

CraigWinston Churchill said, “If you don’t take change by the hand, it will take you by the throat.” Sage advice for soybean producers operating in a fast-paced, quickly evolving industry with the pressures of profitability and producing enough food, feed and fuel for growing global markets. The Illinois Soybean Association (ISA) in the last year has embraced this philosophy. The ISA board of directors took strategic steps toward a new level of leadership with the intent of helping soybean producers be relevant in the current and future marketplace.  Such steps are crucial to successfully navigating a path to profitability with all of the revolutions our industry, and other industries, are experiencing. Innovation is a necessary change to the way things used to be done if the Illinois soybean industry is to grow and prosper. Soybean producers, next year and for the foreseeable future, will encounter challenges and opportunities. Some may be predictable, but many may not as they haven’t arisen. New disruptions, positive and negative, will occur in the world market and global geopolitical arena. The ISA board of directors acknowledges this through funding relevant programs that not only provide practical on-farm advice, but that focus on new technology and innovation, move soybeans to market in unique ways and create new market opportunities. We are participating in global protein discussions for soybean use as food and feed, and we are taking a lead in looking at blockchain feasibility, health insurance and water quality and availability.  People and organizations need to embrace and prepare for change with new innovations, new policies, new partners and with no fear of industry evolution. ISA and Illinois soybean producers will continue to lead and charge forward. 

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