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Soybean Weekly Update - September 15, 2017

September 14, 2017

Still Time to Register for the ILSoyAdvisor.com Yield Challenge

Illinois soybean farmers still have time to enter the 2017 ILSoyAdvisor.com Yield Challenge contest, which kicked off in April.  In 2016, many contestants achieved yields in the upper-80 to mid-90-bushel range—a big improvement over the state average, 59 bushel-per-acre yields.  Enter the 100-Bushel Challenge, Crop-District Contest, Side-by-Side Contest or new Double-Crop Yield Contest. Click here.

CCA Soy Envoy Offers Tips for Harvest

Throughout the 2017 growing season, this year’s ISA checkoff program-funded CCA Soy Envoys have shared several ways to increase the profitability of the soybean crop.  As the growing season wraps up and harvest approaches, they share tips to maintain yields and profitability at harvest.  Learn the tools to help maximize yields in CCA Soy Envoy Kevin Nelson’s recent blog.

Feeding Livestock Fuels Local Economy

Illinois soybean meal provides high-quality protein for pigs, cattle, poultry and more. In Illinois, livestock and poultry farms strengthen local economies. The interactive Animal Agriculture Value Map shows how raising livestock and poultry, manufacturing feed and processing meat and dairy benefits each Illinois county. Animal agriculture creates local demand for soybean meal, and its value is multiplied when it is fed locally and the meat, dairy and poultry are processed in Illinois. Check out the map to see how our top customer feeds your local economy.

Soy Finds New Use on the Road

The United Soybean Board (USB), which the ISA checkoff program supports through national funding, partnered with Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company recently to introduce a new tire technology made from soybean oil. The carbon-neutral, renewable rubber compound enhances tire performance in various weather conditions, improves manufacturing efficiency and reduces energy consumption.

Soy in the City Connects Consumers to Illinois Ag

Soy in the City is an ISA checkoff-funded program that highlights the positive impact of soybeans on everyday life in Chicago and beyond. From food ingredients and transportation to livestock production and biodiesel, watch this video to see the economic soy story we tell Chicago consumers.

Catch the Biodiesel Webinar on ASTM Standards and B20

An upcoming webinar sponsored by the National Biodiesel Board will feature fuel experts discussing how the evolution of ASTM standards has contributed to biodiesel successes.  Scientists from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory will share new data about the storage life of today’s B20 fuel and other industry updates.  The webinar will be held Sept. 21 from 3 to 4 p.m.  Register here.

Today is Application Deadline for Conservation Legacy Award

Farmers must apply today for the American Soybean Association’s Conservation Legacy Award, which showcases farmers’ management practices that are both environmentally friendly and profitable.  Winners from three regions – the Midwest, Northeast and South — will receive an expense paid trip to the Commodity Classic, Feb. 27-March 1, 2018, in Anaheim, Calif., where the national winner will be announced.  Find out more about the award and the application process here.

ISA Website Offers Links to Dicamba Resources

ISA continues to monitor for news and update the dicamba resources found here.  Any farmer who sees possible dicamba damage to crops should consider these steps:
  • Talk with the neighbor(s) who applied or contracted for the dicamba application(s).
  • If applicable, talk with the commercial applicator or product manufacturer.
  • If a yield loss is probable based on severity of symptoms, report a claim to your insurance company and ask the neighbor and/or the commercial applicator to do the same.
  • Contact the University of Illinois to assess type of drift on the field.  This bulletin provides details.
  • File a drift complaint with the Illinois Department of Agriculture.  Here’s how: 

Consider Membership Program Options

To bring farmers the most value possible, Illinois Soybean Growers has two membership options: policy membership and informational membership.  Membership in ASA is included with both options.  Contact the ISG office at 888-826-4011 for more details and to join or renew. 

Become Involved: Participate in ISG’s Political Action Committee

Illinois soybean farmers are invited to participate in the Illinois Soybean Growers Political Action Committee (ISGPAC).  ISGPAC provides farmers with strong involvement in political races, and a direct pipeline to tell legislators about the issues that matter most to Illinois farmers:  transportation efficiency, expanding animal agriculture, worldwide market access support, biodiesel, trade, energy, taxes and ag research.  Farmers directly can support legislators who take a leadership role on soybean priorities and policies.  ISGPAC helps nurture those relationships and keeps key contacts in office where they work for the industry's best interests.  Visit ISGPAC.

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#Soil sampling is a necessary ingredient for high-yielding soybeans. Learn what you can do: http://bit.ly/SoilSamplingWebinar. Check out the tweet here.
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