Driving Growth

Driving Growth Video:

What drives our growth? It’s the resources we nurture as stewards of the land in a shared world. It’s technology.

Without sophisticated innovation, constant improvement, every season will be like the one before. A better tomorrow depends on bold ideas.

Real progress demands a focus on the future. It is commerce and trade — Containers that travel by road and rail and water to carry our products far and wide.

Trade needs partners — So it’s the people all over the world who buy our soybeans. Their demand drives us to create and innovate and produce high-quality food for people,

feed for animals, sustainable fuel for a busy world. So what drives our growth? It’s all of these things, and all of us together — Connected by innovative thought, United by

ideas. Propelled by a vision — honest, open, uncompromised. We are ready to grow, ready to lead. For life, for the future, For the world.