Learn more about the ways transportation issues affect Illinois soybean farmers with these resources: 

  • Transportation Powers Illinois Commerce. Get the facts on how soybeans move over water, roads and bridges, railways and containers in this interactive infographic.  
  • Illinois' Transportation Infrastructure Gaps. Illinois soybean farmers are increasing yields to help meet growing domestic and global demand. However, transporting these larger harvests to grain elevators and customers has become increasingly difficult. Read about the key issues surrounding roadways, railways, waterways and container shipping here.
  • Accelerate Illinois is a coalition of citizens, organizations and businesses working together to ask Illinois lawmakers to prioritize the state’s infrastructure. Read more here.
  • Coalition for Transportation Productivity is a coalition of associations and shippers dedicated to giving states the flexibility to safely confront highway issues by utilizing more productive, six-axle trucks on Interstate highways within their borders. Read more here.
  • Soy Transportation Coalition is comprised of thirteen state soybean boards, the American Soybean Association and the United Soybean Board, with the goal of supporting a transportation system that delivers cost effective, reliable and competitive service. STC also offers a calculator to help farmers determine where to sell their soybeans. Read more here

  • The Vital Role of U.S. Transportation Infrastructure in Moving Agriculture Forward. This second in a series of White Papers released by the Coalition for America's Gateways and Trade Corridors (CAGTC) explores why our national freight infrastructure must be improved to keep pace with the demands of our economy. Authored by Mike Levin, Director of Issues Management Analysis, Illinois Soybean Association, the White Paper focuses as an example on soybeans grown in the state of Illinois, and reviews the impact of deteriorating infrastructure on U.S. agricultural competitiveness in the global market. To view and download the paper click here.
  • Hear from one of the industry’s best in a monthly podcast analyzing key transportation topics. You can listen to industry veteran, Don Wenneker share his thought leadership right here every month! Listen here.


Are you a Soybean Farmer?

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