Our Infastructure Needs More Support

The current state of Illinois freight transport infrastructure has people concerned—and rightfully so. Click through the six pieces of our toolkit, share them and let's find a way to fix our situation!


Transportation 101 and You: The Key Issues

A vast and aging transportation infrastructure system means complex issues arise when things aren’t working properly. This checkoff-funded presentation—broken down by mode—helps soybean farmers understand the issues most important to their profitability. ISA encourages farmers to become well-versed in these key issues and lead education efforts within their communities.

VIDEO: Let's Find A Way

Watch this checkoff-funded animated video to understand how Illinois' aging transportation system affects soybean farmers' bottom lines. Let's get rid of the obstacles and get our soybeans, and other products, from point A to point B more efficiently.

Transportation Powers Illinois Commerce

Where there's a will, there's a road, water or railway. Every day our economy depends on the state infrastructure to keep everything moving in good order. Get the facts on how soybeans move via waters, roads and bridges, railways and containers with this poster or interactive infographic.

"Let's Find A Way" Print Ad

"Let's Find A Way!" has become a rallying cry for Illinois transport infrastructure. This PDF is a simple yet powerful ad for the state of transport in our state.

2011 – 2012 Transportation Research Summary

Nine checkoff-funded studies conducted in 2011 – 2012 focused on topics including container shipping, rural bridges, road weight limits and improvements to waterway infrastructure. Browse completed studies and other recent research on the Key Research page.

Talking Points

People often ask about specific information, statistics and the impacts through each mode of transport. These talking points are perfect for sharing when questions arise about the day-to-day impact of deteriorating transport infrastructure in Illinois.

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