2016 Soybean Summit
Marion Calmer, Calmer Corn Heads, Inc.

Antonio Mallarino, Ph.D., highlights field research results which show that several phosphorus fertilizer and manure management practices can optimize corn and soybean yield, are cost-effective, and minimize the risk of dissolved and soil-bound phosphorus loss with surface runoff.

Nathan Slaton, Ph.D., reviews the functions of boron in soybean growth.

2016 Soybean Summit
Shawn Conley, University of Wisconsin

2016 Soybean Summit
Bryce Knorr, Penton/Farm Progress

Tom Bruulsema, Ph.D., describes how right source, right rate, right timing and right place can help maintain soil available phosphorus while reducing loss of phosphorus.

Laura Christianson, Ph.D., discusses how to decrease phosphorus loss from fields.

2016 Soybean Summit
2016 Crop Weather Outlook

2016 Soybean Summit - Effingham, Illinois
Dr. David M Kohl, Virginia Tech

Soybean Summit 2016 - Peoria, Illinois
Lance Tarochione, Monsanto