Stephanie Porter, Soy CCA Envoy in West Central Illinois, describes the diseases that soybean growers should be on the lookout for this season.

Mike Wilson, Soy CCA Envoy, and Tom Kelley, Illinois CCA Chairman, discuss the benefits of the Soy CCA Envoy Program.

In 2014, Dan Arkels, soybean farmer from Peru, Illinois, became the first verified 100-plus bushel soybean grower in Illinois with 104 bushels beans. In 2015, Jason and Robert Lakey topped his record yield with a bin-busting 108 bushels. Now, Arkels wants his top producer title back. With beans...

Tom Bauman, R&N Trucking, describes why B20 is a good fit for their vehicles.

University of Wisconsin – Extension reps Kevin Erb, CCA, and Morgan Hayes, Clinical Assistant Professor, discuss ways to maximize the benefits when applying manure.

As soybeans' #1 customer, ISA understands the value of animal agriculture. For grain farmers, livestock offers even greater value through its most valuable asset-- manure. Manure generates a renewable, natural fertilizer that increases profit margins by reducing commercial fertilizer costs....

Gary Schnitkey, Ph.D., provides key insights for farmers to ensure they stay profitable this growing season.

Kristin Greer discusses research focusing on surface and subsurface fertilizer applications in no-till and strip-till fields with minimal slope gradient in Illinois.

Mark Bernards, Ph.D., discusses the latest in weed management.