Soybean farmer, sustainability vice chairperson and at-large director Ron Moore discusses what the Illinois Soybean Association is doing to promote sustainability and why it is an important and ongoing topic of discussion.

Sustainability value chain lead for Syngenta, Terry Stone, talks about the link between profitability, productivity and sustainability. Illinois soybean farmers are already sustainable, but with increasing global needs, growers have to produce more for less. New technologies help achieve this...

Mark Milstein of Cornell University recaps his presentation on sustainability from the perspective of the private sector.

Stewart Leeth of Smithfield Foods discusses how current interest in the food system creates a need for sustainability programs and for farmers "to create good food in a responsible way."

The University of Wisconsin's Deana Knuteson gives an overview of the partnership between the university and Illinois Soybean Association. The National Sustainable Soybean Initiative tracks past efforts of sustainable soybean farmers as well as developments underway.

Dave Schmidt, President/CEO of the International Food Information Council, talks about what consumers do and don't know about sustainability. He says consumers look to agriculture organizations like the Illinois Soybean Association for information about where their food comes from.

Catherine Campell, a consultant at Field to Market, talks about tools and methods that help soybean farmers be more sustainable and a recent research report that shows how sustainable the agriculture industry is.

Here, several ISA board members discuss involvement with and the importane of the World Initiative for Soy in Human Health (WISHH). 

Talks about 2010 season