Join Dan Dempsey of AgYield and Kevin Kennedy of Kennedy Family Farms, as they review the process of building a profitable revenue management / grain marketing strategy, including real-life situations and the process growers can take to improve profitability in 2015.

Nutrient management means minimizing impact, optimizing yield and maximizing input utilization—while protecting your bottom line. Howard Brown, manager of agronomy services with GROWMARK, Inc., will present and answer grower questions.

Kelly Robertson, KR Farms

Developing a Solid Double-Crop Soybean Production Program

Randy McElroy, Monsanto

Managing for High-Yield Soybeans in Southern Illinois

Jason Bond, Southern Illinois University

What Seed Treatments Should You Be Selecting

Bryan Young, Purdue University

Managing Palmer and Waterhemp in Soybeans

David Holshouser, Virginia Tech

Become a Master Soybean Grower

Daniels Davidson, PhD, ISA Research & Technical Coordinator (moderator)

Producing High-Yield Soybeans in Illinois

Brent Gloy, Economist/Farmer

What the Market Signals are Telling Us About Producing Corn and Soybeans in 2014 and How to Be Profitable

Discover the value of being a member of Illinois Soybean Growers. Together, we can raise our voices to create a solid wall of opposition against damaging bills or provide support for something that will help farmers across the country succeed. Learn more about ISG leadership, the impact of...