ISA Management Matters

Michael Gray from the Department of Crop Sciences at the University of Illinois, predicts which insects survived the winter, which didn’t, and how to scout this spring and summer.  Read more

Laura Pepple, Livestock Extension Specialist, University of Illinois, explains how growers can effectively add manure to their crop management plans.  Read more

Management Matters - Aired July 2013: Jason Bond, Ph.D., Southern Illinois University-Carbondale Plant, Soil and Ag Systems associate professor, provides background on SCN and explains what soybean farmers can do to prevent, detect and manage it... Read more
Management Matters - Aired July 2013: Ken Ferrie, one of the few truly independent agronomists in the nation, leads the program. Listen to Ferrie discuss what farmers can expect to learn and take back to their farms... Read more
Aired: June 2013 - Listen to Aaron Hager, PhD., discuss the research findings and practices farmers can implement now to manage weeds more effectively. Key takeaways from the audio discussion also have been compiled... Read more
Aired June 2013: University of Illinois researchers Fred Below and Jason Haegele found that combining six basic management practices in a planned and managed systems approach can boost soybean yields by as much as 10 bushels per acre. Used individually, these steps increased yields between 2.1 and... Read more