Illinois Soybean Farmers Grow Soy: What Food Gets Fed

You might not think there's any connection between soybeans and what you have in your freezer right now. Check inside, though, and you just might find a pork chop, ground beef or chicken breast that got there thanks to soybeans.

The same holds true for the gallon of milk sitting in your refrigerator -- or the dozen eggs waiting to be scrambled into a breakfast omelet.

Although you may not realize it, soybeans are an essential feed ingredient for many of the foods you enjoy every day. And many of those nutritious, wholesome soybeans are grown in the same Illinois fields you drive by every day.

ISA has developed a program, Illinois Soy - What Food Gets FedTM, to provide education and awareness about the importance of soybeans. With a big impact on our economy, our communities and health, no one contributes to Illinois' well-being quite like soybean farmers.

You may have seen advertisements for the program in your local grocery store.


To learn more about the connections between soybean farmers and your breakfast, lunch and dinner, read about the three Illinois farm

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families featured in the Illinois Soy - what food gets fed flipbook.


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