Growing safe, healthy food is our No. 1 priority – for our families and yours.

Consumers have questions about genetically modified food ingredients, or GMOs. While farmers have been using GMOs safely for decades, we haven’t done a great job talking about it with you – until now. We are excited to share how GMOs benefit your family and the world.

GMO, or biotechnology, is a tool some farmers choose for growing healthy crops.

The use of biotechnology, or genetic modification, improves soybeans and other crops through precise genetic changes. For centuries, farmers have selected seeds based on best harvests and desirable plant qualities – like the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, too little rain, insects or diseases. Genetic modification has the same goal.

On our farms, GMOs provide notable benefits. Pairing GMO seeds with good farming practices reduces impact on the environment, with fewer chemical sprays, less fuel and less energy needed to grow a healthy crop.


GMOs enable the abundant production of safe, healthy food.

The bountiful harvests from GM crops mean safe, affordable foods for your family. Soybeans have unnumbered food applications, from cooking oils and protein products to adding great texture, moisture, nutrition and shelf-stability properties to baked goods and more.

Good food is made possible by quality soybeans, which are a key feed ingredient for many livestock and poultry animals.  

Additionally, GMOs and biotechnology provide huge opportunities to meet the nutritional needs of a growing world population. GMOs can boost the food’s nutritional value, and improve crop productivity in very difficult growing conditions.

  • Researchers are working on GMO crops that pull nitrogen from the earth’s atmosphere and crops that use dramatically less water.

  • We’re also very close to soybean-based cooking oils with higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids.

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