ISA helps educators and consumers learn about the many ways soybeans and soy-based products affect their daily lives.

We are committed to supporting communities throughout Illinois and beyond. 

Soybeans are a key ingredient in many household items and the wide range of application has earned them the nickname “Miracle Crop.” Biodiesel fuel uses soybean products as a renewable energy source and a variety of oil/lubricant products use soybeans as a key ingredient. But soybeans’ most significant contribution comes in the form of soybean meal – full of protein and vital nutrients – that fuels the animal agricultural industry in Illinois.

The United States is one of the largest producers of soybeans in the world. Illinois soybean farmers have the second highest output in the nation with an average annual output of more than 450 million bushels per year. Because of this, the impact soybeans play in our everyday lives is immense. In 2011, soybeans represented 56 percent of the world’s oilseed production and accounted for two-thirds of the edible consumption of fats and oils in the U.S.  And in Illinois, more than 80 percent of the soybeans that stay in the state become soybean meal for hogs – which makes up more than one-third of livestock employment.

How ISA Keeps the Public Informed

ISA, with funding from the Illinois soybean checkoff and in collaboration with organizations across the ag industry, is committed to the future of the farming industry and fostering the next generation of soybean farmers. We have the following programs in place to help the communities we serve understand the role soybeans play in our economy.

Fun & Easy Ways to Introduce Ag to Your Classroom

Our Pod-to-Plate  and Ag in the Classroom curricula provide educators with the lesson plans and materials to teach students about the benefits of soybeans, the growing process and the many applications of soybeans. The FoodPlay theatrical group also helps promote healthy eating habits and soy in the diet by touring schools throughout the year.

Ten $4,000 Scholarships for College Students

Continuing ISA’s commitment to education, we offer up to 10 scholarships worth $4,000 for the 2015-16 school year. Take a look at the guidelines for next year.

Illinois Farm Families® Share their Stories

Illinois Farm Families is getting the message out on what it takes to produce the world’s greatest soybeans. ‘Field Moms’  is one great program they have started that gives Chicago area moms hands-on experience with soybeans – allowing others to follow their tours and blogs.

Soybeans Help Fight Heart Disease

Introducing soy into a low-fat and low-cholesterol diet can lower ‘bad’ cholesterol levels and reduce your chances of heart disease, the nation’s leading cause of death. ISA is one of the founding members of the World Initiative for Soy in Human Health (WISHH).

Soybeans are "What Food Gets Fed"

Soybeans play a large role in feeding the livestock that produce the nutritious and protein-packed meals on your dinner table. Producing the highest quality of soybean requires the highest quality of soil and no one is committed to protecting the environment like Illinois soybean farmers. The Soy – What Food Gets Fed Flipbook introduces you to three Illinois Farm Families sharing their responsible growing stories.

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