First Purchasers

A brief history of the soybean checkoff and location for SPARC/Remittance forms can be found here. Here is a quick link to the online SPARC form.

Yield Challenge 2018

Interested in testing new practices and comparing how they perform against other fields? Looking to break yield barriers and push pods to their full potential? The ISA Yield Challenge is the opportunity to experiment with on-farm trials, discover what works best on your soil and compete with your peers in Illinois, all for a chance at cash rewards and bragging rights come harvest.

Organic Exemption

Persons that produce and market only products eligible to be labeled as 100 percent organic may request exemption from assessment under research and promotion programs. The information on this form is required to make a determination concerning a person's eligibility for exemption.

Membership Applications

Be a Voice for Soybean Friendly Legislation and Enjoy Some Great Benefits Along the Way.