Estimated Processed Value (EPV)/Crush Value Calculator

Helps determine the EPV of your soybeans, available through the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Farmers get hidden premium for beans with a high EPV. By increasing protein and oil in your soybeans, you can raise your EVP and increase your overall profitability.

Soybean Quality Toolbox

A step-by-step process farmers can follow to help identify top-performing varieties in their specific regions.

A conduit for matching soybean farmers with premium contract opportunities. Buyers can post opportunities for premium programs, and farmers can review detailed listings posted by soybean buyers, and find contact information to follow up with merchandisers. History shows that many of the programs can provide higher revenue than traditional soybean production.

Soybean Quality Traits (SQT)

Collaborative program established to create a soybean specific system of analytical verification. SQT includes a laboratory proficiency program, method development and maintenance of soybean references.