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World Tuna Day: Illinois Efforts Improve Tuna Sustainability

May 02, 2017



World Tuna Day: Illinois Efforts Improve Tuna Sustainability


The United Nations General Assembly recognizes May 2 as World Tuna Day, to commemorate tuna as a species which provides nutritious food and as a reminder to protect them. Tuna is one of the most sought after types of fish in the world, and has been heavily overfished in the wild to the point of critical endangerment for some tuna species.


Illinois farmers have a direct link to improving tuna sustainability. The Illinois Soybean Association checkoff program funded breakthrough research to incorporate soy protein into tuna feed formulations. The potential for truly sustainable tuna aquaculture took a step forward due to this breakthrough work. 


The video “Feeding Bluefin summarizes the research project and its potential impact on protecting endangered wild tuna stocks. Illinois farmers have long been supporters of sustainable aquaculture, and this project is a unique example of farmers helping farmers.




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