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ISA Joins Field to Market, The Keystone Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture

January 04, 2012

BLOOMINGTON, ILL ֠January 5, 2012 ֠The Illinois Soybean Association (ISA) announces it has joined the steering committee of Field to Market, the Keystone Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture.

The Field to Market steering committee includes growers, conservation organizations and companies throughout the agriculture and food supply chainءs well as university and agency partnersشasked with defining sustainable food production and encouraging implementation of more sustainable production methods.

"Membership in Field to Market is yet another way ISA is demonstrating its commitment to help show how Illinois farmers produce soybeans in the most sustainable ways possible," says Matt Hughes, ISA chairman and soybean producer near Shirley, Ill.

"As our domestic and international soybean customers place greater emphasis on how sustainably the soybeans they buy are produced, ISA is on the forefront of the sustainable agriculture dialogue through participation in organizations like Field to Market," he adds.

Field to Market, The Keystone Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture, works toward solutions to the ongoing challenge of providing adequate food, fiber and fuel to a growing world population while preserving scarce natural resources.

"Sustainability practices are already in place on most Illinois farms," says Ron Moore, ISA director who farms near Roseville, Ill. "Reduced tillage, reduced pesticide use, water conservation, soil quality improvement and other practices defined as 'sustainable' are practical decisions growers have been making for generations. These practices improve their efficiency and boost profitability while at the same time helping to meet market expectations of sustainability."

As a Field to Market member, ISA will help develop measurement tools and resources for both growers and the supply chain that track continuous improvement in sustainable food production.

"ISA's involvement in Field to Market helps show our domestic and international customers that our commitment to sustainably raised soybeans doesn't end at our fields' borders and helps ensure people keep choosing Illinois soybeans," says Moore.

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