Press Release

Getting to Know Dale Crawford

January 19, 2012

Dale Crawford has always been active within his community and the agriculture industry. The Sullivan, Ill., soybean farmer and ISA District 10 director operates a fourth-generation farm with his wife, Suzy. The couple raises corn and soybeans using minimum and no-till practices.

"I got involved with the ISA board after participation in the Illinois Ag Leadership Program," he says. "I had served my local Farm Bureau, local co-op and school boards, but did not believe I could really impact anything on the state level. After the leadership program, I realized that I needed to offer my opinions or someone else would offer theirs. I wanted to be at the table."

Crawford currently serves on the Farm Credit of Illinois board, which is similar to a bank board. He appreciates that he can bring the perspective of his ISA service to Farm Credit discussions, as well as have the financial perspective of Farm Credit as background for ISA work.

He also chairs the ISA Marketing Committee. "We can grow all the soybeans we want, but it won't do much good if we do not have solid market opportunities. We are cultivating what opportunities are over the horizon with what we currently have on the ground," he says.

Crawford's ISA District covers Christian, De Witt, Macon, Moultrie and Shelby counties. As part of his ISA involvement, Crawford has worked with the American Soybean Association Agribusiness Council, North Central Soybean Research Program and National Biodiesel Board. He has a bachelor's degree in agriculture from the University of Illinois.