Todd Main

Director of Market Development

ToddTodd Main joined the Illinois Soybean Association as Director of Market Development in July 2022. In his role, Todd will oversee the ISA Lombard location and the work done by the ISA Market Development Department. He will develop new strategy in support of ISA’s goals in trade, animal agriculture, transportation and logistics, new uses for soy, biodiesel, human nutrition, and others. Main will also monitor opportunities to increase the market share of soy in existing and new markets.

Main has more than 20 years of experience in leading initiatives to develop support for sustainable public policies. He is a trusted policy advisor to leaders in business, non-profits, governments, and foundations as well as candidates for public office including extended assignments in Washington D.C., the Great Lakes region and the Southwestern U.S. He served as a strategic advisor to top executives on environmental, transportation and renewable energy policy including the Governor of Illinois, other state cabinet members, and federal agency officials. Previously, he was chief of staff for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources with primary responsibility for agency operations.

Focus Area:

Domestic and Foreign Market Development
Rural Broadband
Animal Agriculture
Human Nutrition