Three Reasons Soy is the Perfect Fish Food

In addition to being a key component in livestock feed, soybeans also contribute to raising healthy and sustainable fish. Fish and seafood continue to grow in popularity, and the aquaculture industry – cultivating fish and seafood – is expanding to meet that demand. Aquaculture continues to be one of the fastest-growing uses for soybeans.

In Illinois, aquaculture brings in more than $5 million every year. Farmers in Illinois raise bass, catfish, sunfish, perch, tilapia, trout and carp. For these and many other species, soy products deliver healthier nutrient profiles than other vegetable or algae feeds. Plus, soy supports the local economy and is more sustainable.

1. Tasty and nutritious

Soy is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. That should sound familiar – it’s also found in fish oil, a supplement for muscles and joints. Soy contributes to fish containing this essential nutrient. Soy is also rich in digestible protein and other nutrients that are vital for fish.

2. It’s a win-win

Not only do fish get healthy food, but soybean producers get a boost as well. Illinois is a top soybean-producing state in the U.S., so Illinois farms benefit when industries use soy.

3. Less is more

Because soy is so nutrient-dense, fish need less to grow – improving feed conversion ratios. This uses less resources like wild-caught baitfish or sardines that often become fishmeal. Soy products are an integral part of any green aquaculture farm.