Efficient Product Delivery

Efficiency is Essential

Ensuring soybeans and soybean products reach their intended destination efficiently is critical to Illinois farmers. With 60 percent of Illinois soybeans exported annually, reliable transportation is crucial for the state’s soybeans to remain competitive.




Scott Sigman

Transport and Export Infrastructure Lead


Scott has more than 25 years of experience in global trade and transportation planning, shipping and freight infrastructure.

Mark Albertson

Director Strategic Development


Mark Albertson is responsible for international and domestic soybean marketing promotion. He manages project areas that include soy-based bio-products, livestock, specialty soybeans, soy foods, aquaculture and leadership/training programs.



Additional Resources

Transportation issues affect Illinois soybean farmers in many ways. These transportation resources are available to farmers:


Soy Transportation Cost Calculator

Selling soybeans at the higher price may not always be the most profitable option, depending on added transportation costs. This calculator from the Soy Transportation Coalition helps farmers evaluate if a more distant market is worth the premium price.

Quarterly Container Report

Opportunities to transport soybeans and soybean products as backhauls for container ocean carriers continues to grow. This report summarizes developments and trends of containerized soybean movements to export markets.

Transportation Podcasts

With more than 50 years of experience serving the agriculture industry, Don Wenneker brings a wealth of knowledge to the Illinois Soybean Association checkoff program. Don’s expertise is within grain merchandising and transportation on both domestic and international platforms. He will be sharing invaluable insights in a monthly podcast you can view here on the fourth Friday of each month.