Creating an Agtech Corridor in Illinois

The Illinois Soybean Association (ISA) is leveraging its status as the top soybean producing state to become an agtech destination for innovation and investment. This will create an agtech corridor that ensures Illinois soybean producers will lead in competitiveness and profitability by solving real producer problems and capturing the rewards of these new technologies.

Creating an Agtech Corridor in Illinois

What is agtech?

Agtech is innovation that seeks to

  • introduce new biological, digital and mechanical tools
  • drive increased farm-level profitability
  • improve existing farm practices
  • launch new business models

We’re not leading yet.

Illinois saw just over 7 percent of total agtech investments in 2017 (venture capital + other agtech investments). Coastal states like California and Massachusetts top the list for the most investments. With 10.5 million acres of soybeans and some of the most progressive minds in agriculture, Illinois is positioned to lead agtech venture capital investing in the near future.

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