A Biotech Learning Experience

Recent research shows that GMOs and chemicals are among the top concerns for consumers and health professionals alike. To inform the influencers that consumers rely on for information, the Illinois Soybean Association, as a member of the Illinois Farm Families®, invited a group of Illinois dietitians and food company representatives on a tour of the University of Illinois’ Institute for Genomic Biology to learn more about biotechnology.

Nearly 30 registered dietitians, health and wellness professionals and food manufacturers spoke to farmers and scientists and learned about how GMOs are made, the benefits genetic modification can offer and the research behind the science. They also got to hear:

  • The important role science plays in society’s food challenges
  • How crops are changing to adapt to climate change, conserve water and resist drought
  • Highlights of current and future applications of biotechnology

After a hands-on experience like this, 85% of attendees felt very confident that Illinois producers are acting in the public’s best interest when using new technologies on the farm. One tour participant shared, “I learned that farmers, as well as biogenetic researchers, have a common goal: to grow safe food to feed a large growing population.”