Rules and regulations are part of the everyday life on larger livestock farms. In Illinois, smaller livestock farms also must comply to certain rules the Illinois Department of Agriculture oversees. Farms of all size should all adhere to regulations, including set-back distances and water-protection rules.

Existing and New Livestock Facility Resources


is the University of Illinois Extension website dedicated to helping you identify environmental regulations that pertain to your specific operation.

Illinois Department of Agriculture oversees the Livestock Management Facilities Program. If you are planning on building any size livestock barn, be sure to talk with the DOA.

Manure Management Resources

Manure Central

provides resources regarding manure management, plus links to many other helpful sites.

Odor Management Resources


Odor impacts are difficult to predict. Downwind odors are a function of the amount and type of emissions source, weather conditions and topography. The impact these odors have is also a function of the distance to the neighbors. Livestock farmers are becoming familiar with newer technologies to reduce odor emissions and are actively working with their producer groups and often partner with research institutions to conduct odor mitigation research.