Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is elected each year by the Board of Directors. It is made up of seven officers: Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer, Marketing Committee Chair, and Production & Outreach Committee Chair. Below is our current executive committee.


Marketing Committee

Austin Rincker - Chairperson
Dale Asher - Vice Chairperson
Stan Born
Sharon Covert
C.W. Gaffner

John Hagenbuch
Tom Kentner
Sherri Kannmacher
Jeff Lynn
Rick Rubenacker
Tim Scates
Carrie Winkelmann


*Gary Berg - Advisor
*Dan Farney - Advisor
*Rob Shaffer - Advisor
*Bill Wykes - Advisor
*Lynn Rohrscheib - Advisor


Target Area



Production &
Outreach Committee

Jenny Mennenga - Chairperson
David Droste - Vice Chairperson
Bill Awe
Daryl Cates
Jered Hooker
John Longley
James Martin
Edward Murphy
Paul Rasmussen
Doug Schroeder
Roberta Simpson-Dolbeare


*Ron Moore - Advisor
*Randy Poskin - Advisor
*Bill Raben - Advisor
*Doug Winter - Advisor
*Lynn Rohrscheib – Advisor


Target Areas

Farmer Profitability
Stakeholder Value


*Serves in advisory capacity and cannot vote.