The Illinois Soybean Association spoke with a few professionals working in the agriculture industry to learn more about the diverse array of careers available. From scientists to data analysts and engineers, there are numerous exciting possibilities to consider.

Pod to Plate

Pod to Plate Video

Whether it’s food, fuel or furniture, soybeans can be found anywhere you look. Follow along as soybean seeds evolve from pod to plate. Learn about the equipment, technology and science that goes into growing such a versatile crop.

Video: Pod to Plate

Pod to Plate Book

From growing seasons and transportation to soybean meal and soy-based foods, explore the lifecycle of soybeans.

PDF: Pod to Plate Book

From Pod to Plate: Planting

Join host Barry Cloyd as he discovers what it takes to get soybeans from the Pod to the Plate in this video series from the Illinois Soybean Association - funded by the Illinois soybean checkoff. In the first episode, Barry visits the farm of ISA District 6 Director Rob Shaffer to learn about the planting process.

Video: From Pod to Plate: Planting

From Pod to Plate: Harvest

In this episode, Barry visits the farm of ISA District 6 Director Rob Shaffer one final time to learn about harvesting the soybeans.

Video: From Pod to Plate: Harvest

From Pod to Plate: Processing

In this episode, Barry witnesses the soybean journey from its natural state to crushing and extracting then becoming meal and oil. Continuing this trek, Barry learns how soybean meal becomes nutritious animal feed and soybean oil transforms into all sorts of environmentally safe cleaning products.

Video: From Pod to Plate: Processing

Soy Stats

A reference guide to important soybean facts and figures produced annually by the American Soybean Association.

External Link: Soy Stats from 2001 to Present


Fact Sheets


From the history of soybeans to coloring pages for kids, the fact sheets below can be used to supplement learning about Illinois soybeans at home and in the classroom.

Soybeans in Illinois: Past & Present

The history and impact of soybeans in Illinois.

PDF: Soybeans in Illinois: Past & Present

History of the Soybean

History of how soybean uses have evolved and grown since their first cultivation.

PDF: History of the Soybean

Soybean History at a Glance

Visual timeline of the soybean's history.

PDF: Soybean History at a Glance

What does a Farmer ... ?

One-page Q&A on today's soybean farming practices.

PDF: What does a Farmer ... ?

History of Soy Crayons

One-page history on soy-based crayons.

PDF: History & Development of Prang Soy Crayons

What am I?

Amazing facts about soybeans, including explanations of terms like "planting" and "processing."

PDF: What am I? Amazing Facts about Soybeans

Soybean Crushing Process

Weeds & Pests

One-page explanation on how farmers combat today's weed and pest threats.

PDF: Weeds & Pests

Kids Activity Packet (K-6)

Coloring pages, word searches, mazes and more on all things soy.

PDF: Kids Activity Packet (K-6)


Classroom Resources


Lesson Plans

Lesson plans divided by grade and subject that extend and enhance soybean education.

Internal Link: Lesson Plans

Ag in the Classroom

Additional educational resources for teaching students about agriculture.

External Link: Ag in the Classroom

Soybean Science Kit

An engaging on-hands approach that teaches 4th to 9th graders the physical properties of polymers and oil while highlighting the use of biological, renewable resources in industrial manufacturing.

External Link: Soybean Science Kit

Coloring Book: A Soybean Story

A coloring book created to assist in educating and promoting soybean farming to our youngest generations.

PDF: A Soybean Story Coloring Book



IL Farm Families


A place to hear a variety of voices – from farm families to food and health experts – about what’s on your table.

Center for Food Integrity
A not-for-profit organization whose members and project partners represent the diversity of today’s food system – from farmers, ranchers and food companies to universities, restaurants and retailers.
US Farmers Ranchers Alliance


Our focus is creating a proactive collaboration between the best minds in food, agriculture, science, and technology to co-create solutions that will result in environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

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