The Illinois Statewide Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy (NLRS) is designed to improve Illinois water quality and the quality of water leaving the state. 

ISA strongly supports the use of voluntary, incentive-based programs focused on the implementation of best management practices (BMPs) to address nutrient losses from Illinois farm fields.

To achieve the loss reduction goals outlined in this strategy, we all need to continue working to reduce losses from all sources. Illinois farmers must commit to continuous improvement when it comes to managing nutrients. 

ISA is a member of the Council on Best Management Practices (C-BMP), a coalition of agribusinesses and agricultural organizations that encourages the adoption of best management practices to protect and enhance natural resources in Illinois. C-BMP members, including ISA, worked with other commodity associations, government and non-government organizations on the NLRS draft, which extends existing programs and voluntary efforts.

ISA is encouraging growers to adopt the BMPs that work on their farm through a number of programs throughout the state. Examples of these programs include:

  • Farm Progress ShowISA’s exhibit at the Farm Progress Show, held in Decatur Aug. 29-31, will include additional information on the NLRS and BMPs to help manage nutrients.
  • Indian Creek Watershed project – For several years, ISA has supported work at Indian Creek to help growers adopt new production practices to improve water quality.
  • Kaskaskia River Watershed – ISA is providing financial support to an important water quality analysis study in the Kaskaskia River Watershed.
  • Lake Mauvaise Terre Watershed – ISA is supporting a project in the Jacksonville area to help increase understanding of agricultural practices and their effects on water quality in the watershed.
  • Double crop initiative – ISA is working with Illinois researchers to develop a renewed focus on BMPs related to double-crop rotation systems, as we believe they can be a win-win for both improving grower profitability and improving water quality.
  • Outreach and Education – Information is also available through ISA’s Weekly Updates enewsletter and Illinois Field&Bean magazine, as well as on

Be Prepared

The NLRS calls for voluntary adoption of sustainable BMPs. ISA encourages all Illinois soybean growers to learn more about the strategy, BMPs that may be suitable to their farming operation and plan for adoption of new practices. For more information, visit the sites below.


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